A wall, but not only: the Lumio system by Imprimendo is a wide-ranging solution that combines digital decoration on fabric with LED light, creating walls but also partitions, false ceilings and luminous pictures with a strong visual impact.

These are single- and double-sided LED panels, with a thin aluminum frame that can be painted the desired color. They are lightweight and can be easily fixed to any wall (or even suspended from the ceiling); all profiles are prepared for the assembly of printed sheets, using the silicone rubber sewn on the edge that allows you to replace the graphics yourself in just a few seconds; in the "Base 120" version, they can be used as a partition wall, with fixed supports or on wheels; the light inside can be perimeter or with the dibond back entirely illuminated.


On display at Decor Lab, several examples of system configurations, including the Lumio Retail version, a wallcovering structure with LED back and rack profiles that can accommodate a wide range of accessories and display modules.

Lumio, Parete
lightbox, pannello retroilluminato