Lintec offers an extremely interesting and articulated range of films for glass. At Decor Lab we see an installation of the Wincos range of decorative and textured films for glass.

The 24 pre-printed products in this series offer a wide choice of finishes, many possibilities to add interest or privacy to interior partition windows (however, there are also some products intended for exterior application). Dots and stripes are just the starting point for creating contemporary or classic effects at low cost.

On display at Decor Lab are 3 types of products:

VisionControlFilm, a special film designed for protection and safety that, depending on the viewing angle, changes from transparent to opaque; GlassTexx, an ultra-crystalline film printed using Lintec's patented scratch-resistant technique (available in a wide range of textures; printed using transparent opaque ink with fine matt gradation effect); Vitrographic, an ultra-crystalline scratch-resistant film for UV inkjet printing.


Privacy film, W-0055: Depending on the viewing angle, it changes from transparent to opaque.


Ultra-crystalline film printed using Lintec Europe B.V.'s patented scratch-resistant technique. Available in a wide range of textures. Printed with transparent matte ink with gradation effect (fine matt gradation).

Vitrographic E-2200ZC

Ultra-clear anti-scratch film for UV inkjet printing.

Lintec Europe, Parete
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