Indigital offers Decor Lab different types of MacTac adhesive materials, including those shown below.


MacTac WW Canvas is a printable film for decorating walls and flat surfaces; its surface finish reproduces the effect of a pictorial canvas. Optimum print yield with solvent, eco-solvent, LaTeX and UV curable plotters. This type is part of the WW (Wall Wrap) range, created for the enhancement of points of sale, home decoration, public areas and trade fairs.

MacTac WW Leather is a printable film for the decoration of walls and flat surfaces; it has a special textured surface finish with leather effect. It guarantees excellent printing performance with Solvent, Eco-solvent, LaTeX and UV curable plotters. It is part of a range also called WW, rich in different surface textures for the enhancement of points of sale, home decoration, public areas and fairs.

In addition to the various adhesive materials (printable or cuttable), there are also the laminations of the MacTac Permafun series: these laminations are, in practice, an additional film that is applied to the already printed one by means of a calender - this has the double result of offering greater resistance to scratches and shocks, and at the same time giving a special finish to the decoration, with leather, carbon, velvet, etc. effects. Basically, it is composed of textured transparent adhesive films, which are applied to printed and unprinted surfaces, to give them surface finishing effects such as carbon fiber, wood grain, faux leather, brushed aluminum and many others. Very useful for creating "unusual" furnishing materials that do not exist in nature, or that have precise coloring requirements dictated by the rest of the setting and not available in the catalog. A further element of personalization, therefore, that exponentially expands the possibilities available. Moreover, laminations have an advantage, especially in the case of films applied to the floor, as they make the surface non-slip (according to the different needs, there are as many degrees of grip) and, consequently, safer, both for outdoor and indoor use.


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