A solution specifically designed by Guandong for the retail world in particular, but which also finds application in domestic environments, is the Mr Magnus range of magnetic media.
The Magnetic Adhesive Brown 600 my and the PET Iron 200 are not two simple products, but a real system. A system based on two materials that do not come together through glue, but with the sole help of magnetic attraction.
This simple physical principle, combined with the infinite possibilities of digital printing, guarantees extreme ease of use, rapidity of change and the possibility of overlapping graphics, to keep up with the increasingly rapid needs of visual changes required by brands for their stores.

In this context, it is important to produce materials that enable the store staff to carry out the change of graphics themselves.

Method and technique of application

Method In Decor Lab, the Magnetic Adhesive Brown 600 my was applied on the wall with the help of a simple spatula, while the Iron PET 200 printed with the graphics- was applied manually, without the aid of any tool and application technique

Material type

  • Magnetic Adhesive Brown 600 my: magnetic anti-tropic rubber with self-adhesive back;
  • Magnetic Adhesive Brown 600 my: anti-tropic magnetic rubber with self-adhesive on the backFerro PET 200: coatized polyester with iron coating on the back.

Guandong, Parete
Brown 600 my, magnetico adesivo, Varish PET 200