Inside the Decor Lab Supervision systems and Touch Panels for the management of lights and scenarios; systems aimed at regulating access to spaces, organizing entrances and presences thanks to a remote management via App, completely customized.

Apps are intuitive, easy to use, performant and flexible, solutions that look far ahead, offering the best of strategy, creativity and technology.

Design push-buttons, inserts and civil series to switch on lights, recall scenarios, thermoregulation management (Busy Room, Room Makeover) and a smart table lamp integrated in the system and manageable with App.

Presence, brightness, temperature, index, BLE, usage and activity sensors that improve the efficiency of services, for example in hotel rooms, as you will see exhibited at Decor Lab.

The intent is to improve living and commercial comfort, combining the aspects of design and aesthetic and functional research through highly innovative devices.

Webserver systems for the management of the demotic system and remote control, are a "behind the scenes" working to improve every single environment, from the functional point of view, turning the attention to the needs of the user and energy saving, from the aesthetic point of view, recreating environments with unique and personalized design.


ONE4 & Eelectron ISO 9001: 2015 CERTIFICATION 


Co.Ge.In, Servizio
camere di hotel, domodotica, luci, privato, sensori, termoregolazione