Always attentive to evolution and development, Visiva marketing tools has made the turn-over of machines its strong point, because it is always looking for technologies and machineries that allow the realization of advanced products.
Visiva is always attentive to the evolution and development of communication tools. It offers its customers innovative, versatile and creative solutions. As the dynamic communication solutions, which sells exclusively in Italy, with the brand Leeed. Totems and outdoor signs LED versatile and unique in functionality and design.
The flagship of Visiva Marketing Tools is the realization of graphic panels, fireproof panels in compliance with standards for museum installations, banner prints, stage designs, "One Way" films (graphic outside - free view inside), large format graphic reproductions of trompe l'oeil on "mesh" for the decoration of elevations of historical or commercial buildings. Following the latest technological upgrade, the machine park has been further enriched, being able to count on a direct printing on a large-format plate with very high definition and a cutting table among the most important on the international scene, for the milling of materials of all kinds and the creation of furniture components, shaped panels, paper products.

Via Francesco Crispi 137, 90139 Palermo (PA)
Tel. +39 0917487380 •

Milan office:

Via Marco D’Agrate 41, 20139 Milano
Tel. +39 02407072 •


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