Listening to those who have already had the experience can help you avoid mistakes.

01-02-03 July 2021

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VISIONI.beyond print! is the first face-to-face event between industry players and those who have to propose innovative solutions to renew the business of digital printing.

"Listening to those who have already made the experience can help avoid mistakes. Let's tell each other, let's listen to each other and let's grow": this is, in short, the objective of VISIONS. beyond print!, the exhibition and conference organized by Ki6 Editori and Decor Lab on 01-02-03 July 2021.

The concept of VISIONI.beyond print! is new: 3 days of work and insights for operators where professionals and specialists of the different worlds in which digital printing can be successfully opened, from design to interior decoration, from textile to fashion, from industry to retail, from contract to boating.

Beyond print: in addition to printing... business begins

VISIONI. beyond print! It aims to be a meeting point for operators and suppliers in the sector but, above all, to be a hub for the sincere exchange of experiences. Digital printing has entered an important phase of technical, technological and managerial transformation. The conference VISIONI.beyond print! offers space to let us tell experiences, company stories, visions from different market players that can convey the breadth of the range of action we have for our digital printing sector.

VISIONI. beyond print! It is not a trade fair, there are no plotters and printers. But there are examples of how it is possible to find new stimuli and starting points to discover interesting business prospects. But above all it wants to be a moment of dialogue, constructive, positive, between operators, producers and experts, available to analyze and understand how it is possible to find new opportunities for the future.

VISIONI. beyond print! It is not a moment of criticism, it is space for ideas, an injection of optimism to restart and face the future with new perspectives, where all together we can find the stimuli to give new impetus to the sector.

Why attend?

During the three days of the event, there will be a series of informative and formative moments, to offer an analysis and a 360 degree view of how the digital printing sector can evolve and grow, transmitting direct experience, expert analysis, comparison with interlocutors from the sectors in which it is possible, today and tomorrow, to do business. The objective is to give printers the tools and information they need to make precise choices to develop their businesses, identify new commercial outlets and understand their methods, characteristics and potential. Through those who have already lived this experience, or by being able to compare themselves with experts and professionals.

Are you interested?

Would you like to attend the conference? Request now your personal invitation