"I find myself paying more than double for the renovation and it's still not finished!!!"


"It's already been two and a half years since I started the work - I don't have a house anymore and I don't have any money."


Every day thousands of homeowners find themselves struggling with problems like this. The reason is that they approach their remodel without having the correct information...and so they find themselves making bad decisions without being aware of it.

Practical Renovation is an independent blog, which tries to explain the renovation of the house from a different point of view: it does not talk about aesthetics and design, but it deals with all the issues that a client must face, highlights the mistakes to avoid and tries to spread the correct practices to be applied. In the articles are discussed in depth issues such as: when to call the company, how to select it, if the designer is necessary, what he should do, if you have to submit a building file, what are your rights and obligations, how to enforce them.

But that's not all: technical issues regarding finishing materials and systems are addressed, always trying to give a complete and in-depth overview of the subject, but at the same time using a language "not for insiders". A homeowner does not have to become an expert in renovations, but he must be able to realize his own at best. Practical Renovation tries to provide the right information to achieve exactly that..