A vivid passion for the land, the wine culture handed down over time, together with a secular nonconformism; on the single thought, of ethics over profit, of spirit over matter, of nature over artifice, of man over automaton; for the primacy of politics over economy, of giving oneself over asking, of the critical spirit over cultural models imposed by the herd, as the black sheep on the label wants to mean, in favor of ideas that become actions, of being over seeming. These were the assumptions behind the genesis of "lloghe". Paraphrasing Nietzsche: "We should get rid of the bad taste of getting along with everyone. The great things to the great, the subtle to the subtle, the rare to the rare"Elaborating on these fundamental concepts, we have therefore carried out a vinification with a traditional method, using only the best autochthonous grapes, and thus obtaining this young, authentic red wine, with a soft, fresh, fragrant taste, but with character, which goes well with the dishes of Mediterranean and international cuisine.


Iloghe is a red wine with Typical Geographical Indication, Isola dei Nuraghi, obtained from Cannonau, Muristellu and Cagnulari grapes. It represents the union between art, literature and passion for wine, in a continuous challenge for the production of a modern IGT obtained using some of the best native black grapes, wisely vinified in the wake of tradition, which goes well with the regional and international culinary delights, offering itself as an accompaniment to the most varied and intense artistic moments.

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